Environmental Design Solutions Limited (EDSL) was formed in 1989 to commercially develop Tas Software. EDSL sells Tas software and consultancy services using Tas. EDSL believe that the mixing of development, consultancy and software support leads to a focused software product, with quality support available to end users.

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EDSL were the first company to be accredited for Level 5 energy assessments, having both the experience and software necessary to efficiently complete EPCs at a highly competitive cost.

Tas was the first software to be accredited for level 5 EPCs, and our Consultancy department has been providing consultancy for EPCs ever since. Our consultants have carried out EPCs on a wide range of buildings, both large and small, including office blocks, hospitals and retirement homes. Tas is accredited for EPC work in Scotland as well as England and Wales.

Tas can model a wide range of ventilation methods including CAV, displacement ventilation and FATVAV, as well as more typical methods such as mixed mode and fancoils. Tas can also model ground source heat pumps, wind turbines, solar hot water panels and photovoltaic panels.

Tas is a dynamic model which can fully take into account beneficial features of a building’s design and services. This leads to more accurate results which give a better account of a building’s performance regarding CO2 emissions.

After completion of the EPC the TAS model can be used as a design/management tool to help reduce the building energy consumption and hopefully improve the energy rating, looking at factors such as building materials used or systems incorporated into the building.

If iterations are required these can be carried out by EDSL or the Tas files can be handed to the client at project completion to enable them to carry out changes.

For further information on EPCs please see the case study below or email the consultancy department using the online email form.

Example of CO2 emissions calculated using Tas. Results in this format make it easy to see where changes need to be made to improve an EPC rating.

Example EPC certificate generated using Tas.