Environmental Design Solutions Limited (EDSL) was formed in 1989 to commercially develop Tas Software. EDSL sells Tas software and consultancy services using Tas. EDSL believe that the mixing of development, consultancy and software support leads to a focused software product, with quality support available to end users.

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Compliance with Part L2 and Section 6

Tas was the first DSM to be approved for L2 calculations, and the consultancy department is experienced in modelling a wide range of building types and systems. Tas is also accredited for Section 6 of Scottish Building Regulations.

For naturally ventilated areas, the consultancy department can first analyse a selection of zones for overheating then use the same 3d model to carry out the L2 analysis on the whole building.

Tas calculates whether the CO2 emissions of a building comply with Part L2 as well as determining whether the constructions and services are compliant. If the building fails to comply then we can suggest areas for improvement.

Case Study

Example of CO2 emissions for an L2 calculated using Tas.