Environmental Design Solutions Limited (EDSL) was formed in 1989 to commercially develop Tas Software. EDSL sells Tas software and consultancy services using Tas. EDSL believe that the mixing of development, consultancy and software support leads to a focused software product, with quality support available to end users.

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Demo Videos

Tas and gbXML

This video demonstrates how geometry data from BIM models (e.g. Revit Architecture) can be imported in gbXML format in order to carry out thermal analysis. Once imported, the model can be edited directly in 3D within the Tas 3D Modeller. In the event of a design revisions, an updated gbXML file can be imported without losing the changes made in Tas. Tas will also 'heal and forgive' mistakes such as exposed holes in the gbXML geometry.

Tas Systems

This video demonstrates the latest component-based plant modelling toolkit for Tas. Detailed HVAC schematics are created from the extensive component library using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Controllers can then be added and combined to model even the most complex systems control logic. Tas Systems also includes a Project Wizard to assist in quickly creating basic systems that can later be edited by the user. Simulation reports can be exported in a wide variety of image and data formats.

[Case Study] - Importing Systems Data from Mitsubishi

This video describes a case study undertaken in partnership with Mitsubish Electric. The project includes 5 outdoor heat pump units servicing a total of 20 interior DX coils, the performance of each unit being subject to multiple criteria, such as total load, internal dry bulb temperature and external wet bulb temperature.

The video finishes by clearly demonstrating a key feature of Tas Systems - the ability to import component data directly from the manufacturer's catalogues, which are included in detailed databases as part of the Tas Systems software.

BIM Workflow

This series of videos demonstrates the BIM workflow, showing data interchange between Revit, Tas and Cymap.
If the videos do not work in your browser, download them by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Link As...', then open them with a media player such as VLC.