Environmental Design Solutions Limited (EDSL) was formed in 1989 to commercially develop Tas Software. EDSL sells Tas software and consultancy services using Tas. EDSL believe that the mixing of development, consultancy and software support leads to a focused software product, with quality support available to end users.

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Tas Version 9.4

Tas 9.4 includes a substantial number of additions and improvements to the software. These include:

  • Climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM)
  • Daylight Analysis Wizard
  • Design Day Wizard
  • SAP geometry tool
  • Easier hot-water-only system setup in the UKBR Studio
  • Multiple lighting setups in a single UKBR Studio file
  • Image and video exports from the 3D Visualisation
  • BCA Section J2 Glazing Tool
  • Network-distributed shading calculations

A comprehensive documentation of changes can be found in the Release Notes, which are included in Tas Manager or can be downloaded here.

The latest 9.4 build is 10062.

To download Tas version 9.4, click here.

After release, an issue was discovered which resulted in incorrect PV panel results when using the 2010 UKBR Studio.
To rectify this issue:

  1. Download this file
  2. Extract TPDx.dll to your Tas installation directory, overwriting when prompted. For most users, this directory will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Environmental Design Solutions Ltd\Tas
  3. When uninstalling Tas (e.g. to install a different version), ensure this file is deleted

Tas Data directory

When Tas is installed, a 'Tas Data' directory containing the required templates and database files will be installed to the active user's documents folder. If a different user wishes to use Tas on the same computer, they will need a copy of this folder. It can be downloaded from the above link.
We recommend this zip file be extracted to the user's documents folder. In Tas Manager, you can set the Tas Data directory path in the main window, and you can set the Templates and Databases paths in the Settings dialog.