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FAQ - 3D Modeller

1. How should I address the error message: "Error - Windows are not contained within their wall and have been omitted from the analysis model”?

2. Why does my wall not appear in the 3D Zones view?

3. Why can I not display shadows or export a 3D DWG file within a 3D Floors view?

4. I have corrected an error in my 3D model but the "Analysis model errors and warnings" dialog still displays the error. How do I remove the error from this list?

5. My 3D model contains Warnings but it does not have any Errors. The software allows me to export my geometry to the Building Simulator and to simulate my TBD. Does this imply that I do not have to worry about validating and removing warnings in my T3D file, as I have to do with any errors that have been introduced?

6. When importing a 2D DWG I can not map to the model due to the fact that I can see only the DWG file in the workspace. How do I view the existing model as well as the new DWG?

7. Can I progressively address Warnings in the 3D Modeller as my model develops or do I have to wait until the model is fully zoned?

8. Can I leave areas of my model unzoned?

9. How can I model internal sloped surfaces in the 3D Modeller?

10. The software has created a new building element called Internal Wall-Exposed.

11. What is the difference between the building elements Upper Floor, Upper Floor/Ceiling and Ceiling?

12. How can I model an external roof shading device?

13. My 3D geometric model has a warning advising that I need to apply an external zone. How can I remove this warning?

14. I have modelled an external shade in the 3D Modeller on a 1st floor elevation and now I receive the geometry error: "Error - An exposed null floor is adjacent to a zoned space".

15. If I enable the Transparent checkbox in the 3D Modeller for a building element and export it to the Building Simulator, can I then apply an opaque construction to the same element?

16. In the 3D Modeller, what is the difference between an External Zone and an External Space?

17. I cannot view shadows in the 3D Modeller.